"The sea is One - unified, world-embracing. It is in fact one ocean - one ocean with five great names and a thousand little ones. There is no real boundary to any sea, save continental land. The waters mingle everywhere and the names are geographic, for convenience only."

- (Alan Villiers, Oceans of the World, 1963).

About One Ocean One Ocean Industry Board Research Information

One Ocean Initiatives

  1. Fact Sheet for Non-One Ocean Petroleum Industry Members
  2. One Ocean Protocol for Consultations
  3. One Ocean Protocol for Seismic Survey Programs
  4. One Ocean Protocols for Communication with Oil Installations on the Grand Banks
  5. Risk Management Matrix Guidelines
  6. Marine Environmental Oil Spill Card
  7. IAGC Overview of Marine Geophysical Operations (Seismic)
  8. Fiche D'Information Urgence Environnementale Deversement D'Hydrocarbure
  9. Seismic Research and Information
  10. One Ocean Gulf of Mexico Delegation Report 2010
  11. One Ocean Article in The Journal of Ocean Technology, Volume 6, Number 1
  12. C-NLOPB/NAFO/Shrimp Fishing Areas Map (Credit: Lorie Hopkins)
  13. CAPP-FLO Video
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